"FOG AT NIGHT (A Dream)" by JTK.CA

"FOG AT NIGHT (A Dream)" by JTK.CA

Ghostly tower
Speaking of night's power,
Singing in a hazy voice,
Through the fog,
That I have not yet made a choice.

Light is beaming
Through the mystical mist,
Looking for a heart to clasp,
And it finds me
In the thick fog's grasp.

I am all alone,
Surrounded by
Night's many ghosts,
Faces I have seen
Only in my dreams,
Except for you,
You are there.
The mystical mist
Is hanging in your flowing hair.

A tree stands silent,
Subject to the violent
Light behind pine needles,
Blasting rays of photons
Through its branches.
As I walk beneath its arms,
The mystical mist
Hangs on each green spine
Of a smitten pine.

But the mystical mist has found
Another victim
And cast a spell on me.

I sit,
Dazzled by dew,
Beneath a tree.

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